Natural Woman Too

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Natural Woman Too by Andrew Nichols (Unframed)

Born in Brooklyn New York, Andrew discovered that he had a gift of drawing at an early age. He began expressing himself through pencil on paper in elementary school and soon began receiving formal Art awards at the age of nine.

Andrew’s message to the world community is, “We are all role models to each other in one way or another. Always be positive because somebody is looking up to you, known or unknown. Stay focused on your dream, do not be afraid to express your passion. Just as I transfer my feelings and inspiration to canvas, you are transferring your positive strength to others.”

About Natural Woman Too... for far too long, white hair was thought to be "good" hair.  Black hair, or nappy hair, was by definition "bad" hair.  Chris Rock even did a documentary about it in 2009 called "Good Hair".  But that's been changing in recent years.  More and more women of color are going natural.  Some because of the toxicity of the chemicals involved in straightening hair, and others because they are waking up to the truth that they already have "good" hair.  They were born with it... and it's beautiful.

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  • Paper size: 30 x 24