My Ethnic Expression 2.0 Zoom Party was a joyful experience.  It was an opportunity to spend time with others without risking our health during COVID.  Cheryl Rickard brought the passion, knowledge and flair throughout her presentation.  I loved being able to purchase items that are so meaningful to our black culture.  The quality of the products are amazing and I enjoy wearing and displaying the items I purchased. Thank you EE.

~ Janet Taylor


When Bernadine Kirkland contacted me regarding hosting an EE 2.0 Zoom Party, I must admit I was not sure how it would turn out since I was use to hosting parties in my home for EE.  Once I decided to do it, I knew it would be a great show.  It was super easy.  Bern sent me my Party invite, I texted my guests and reminded them that my show was coming up.  And the rest, as they say, was history.  The show was a success!  I got more free and discounted new pieces which I can't wait to display and show you all.  The art from EE has always spoken to me and made my home a mini museum filled with our culture and history.  This piece, "Restoration" is one of my favorites.  It is timeless as well.  We are in a season where we have all lost so much but God will restore.  He IS bringing new life back to us!  So... what are you waiting for?  Book your own party today!

~ Nigel Gordon, EE Fan Club Member for 16 Years and Counting 😀



My EE Zoom party was such an awesome experience!  I enjoyed spending time with friends and family.  Although we couldn't meet in person, Zoom gave us a way to connect.  I absolutely love my bag, "Black Queen".  It is a cultural expression that speaks for itself and exemplifies black pride.  My consultant, Cheryl Rickard, was welcoming and passionate.  Her enthusiastic spirit deepens your appreciation of the black community. I look forward to buying more EE items in the near future.

~ Rhohema Gloster


I love the new EE 2.0 and I'm elated that the company has found its way back into our hearts and our homes!  My EE 2.0 ZOOM party, presented by the fabulous Cheryl Rickard, was an amazing cultural experience that I was able to share with my family and friends no matter where they were.  Cheryl was very knowledgeable and her passion for the artwork as well as all the new items made you excited to own any number of the pieces for yourself. The artwork has always been an expression of beauty, strength and pride, but now we also get to wear it too! I absolutely love my t-shirt, my jewelry and my bag! The quality is so wonderful and the selection is phenomenal!  I'm looking forward to seeing more of the cultural beauty that EE 2.0 has to offer.  Welcome back EE!

~ Janniece Martin


So much Fun-Fun!  I hosted my EE Zoom party with Bernadine Kirkland and it was filled with lots of family, fun, and excitement.  I received this Ethnic Expressions earring and necklace set and immediately put it on.  I love wearing it at all my virtual events and can't wait until I can wear it at a live event.  Great ethnic products for FREE is for me!  So, host your own EE Party and shop for free after just one hour of fun!

~ Gwen Regnier 


I AM SO ELATED!!!  I hosted a great EE Party with Bernadine Kirkland.  It had over $1,000 in sales, which EE Consultants call a Champagne Party. 🍾 🥂  In addition to getting a free $200 shopping spree, I received 50% off three items and $75 for the 3 bookings from my party.  And, because I used my American Express card to pay, I saved an additional $15.00.  I spent only $62.55 for over $300 of merchandise!  And this gets better.  I also received a FREE limited edition lithograph and had it framed.  (See above.) Because of EE, I was able to complete my Christmas shopping for two people and get several items for my husband and me.  Yes, hosting an EE Party is definitely worth it!!  

~Alice DavisJohnson