Ethnic Expressions is an online, African American department store.
Our mission is to bring products to the African American community that affirm, edify and uplift us.
We specialize in clothing, art and home décor that give Black people a sense of pride, a sense of identity and a sense of being connected to our ancestors. 
In other words, we want to encourage members of our community to feel good in the skin they are in, and to express those feelings as freely as they choose to.
We are ardent supporters of African Americans and their communities.
But to be for ourselves does not mean we are against anyone else. 
It simply means that we are for ourselves.
Specifically, it simply means we are for our families, our neighbors, and our communities.
It simply means we want them to take pride in who they are and their cultural heritage. 
It also means that we believe in taking responsibility and doing all we can to enhance our own well being.
We believe that nearly 400 years of slavery and Jim Crow have done great harm to African Americans… physically, psychologically, and materially.
But as Friedrich Nietzsche said, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.
We may have been through a fiery furnace that lasted 400 years… but we’re also a mighty people because of that. 
It's the real reason why "black don't crack".
If only we all knew that!
Unfortunately, not all of us do.
So, Ethnic Expressions is dedicated to spreading the message that…
  • We are a mighty people...
  • We are the descendants of the slaves who refused to die...
  • We are here against all odds...
  • Our ancestors made a way out of no way...
  • Black is beautiful...
  • Each of us has incalculable value...
  • And we should feel good about expressing who God created us to be.
Finally, we believe that every transaction between a Black consumer and a Black business serves to strengthen the Black community. 
The more we trust each other with our talent and treasure, the more we all will thrive and prosper.
So, thank you for your trust and support.
We deeply appreciate it.
And, we are totally committed to being deserving of it. 
Black to the future.