What inspires me about African American Art is the ability to see one’s self in the many images that are created by a diversified group of artists.  As an Ethnic Expressions Consultant, I love being in a position to share our culture, share our history and more importantly share our story with family, friends and acquaintances via Zoom.  It warms my heart as a team leader to see others grow, express joy and pride with their EE business, and continue to be cultural ambassadors in our communities. I have met and been inspired by the many brothers and sisters whom I’ve done virtual parties for from the comfort of my home.  The "party after the party" often leads to an important, critical dialogue about community, social awareness and its relevance in art.  Art truly imitates life, Art is interpretive, Art comforts your soul!!   Ethnic Expressions is a cultural revolution and I’m so happy to be a part of the movement… a movement that will change how African Americans see themselves and their importance in today’s society.

Donna Houston - EE Consultant



I can’t begin to tell you how fulfilling being an EE Consultant is.  I’ve met so many wonderful, positive women from all across the country. These SiSTARS inspire me to be better for my family, for our community and for the Black collective.  When they say I do the same for them... that is a blessing that truly warms my heart.  I have an added sense of pride in the privilege of repping our culture as a business.  And being my best authentic Black self pays really, really well, and from the comfort of my home no less.  I’ve held Birthday, Zetaversaries, Deltaversaries, Black History Month, Juneteenth, Cultural, Black & Proud, Black & Beautiful, Black Black Friday, Sip & Shops and my first Derby Do - Ethnic Expressions parties while sitting at my dining room table.  I strive to make each party host and guest feel special.  I’m also leading a team of women who are putting their best foot forward daily, and I’m so proud of what we do as EE consultants.  I love the difference we are making in communities across the country and that we are changing how we view ourselves as Black people in America.  Ethnic Expressions is here to celebrate "Our Black is truly beautiful" one party at a time... and on-line all the time!

Denise Hill - EE Consultant



I attended an Ethnic Expressions 1.0 party (as we call it) back in 2006.  After attending and hosting several parties, and spending A LOT of money, I came to the realization that I too could become an EE consultant.  And in 2008, I did exactly that.  I began carrying portfolio bags of art too... entertaining my hostesses' friends in their homes with EE art, figurines, jewelry, throws, pillows and tote bags.  What amazes me about EE 2.0 (as we call it) is that I can do all of those things online... without ever leaving home.  That's right!  I can connect with people all over the country, and make really good money with just a laptop and an internet connection.  Currently, I'm using my EE income for some major home renovation projects.  But beyond that, I truly enjoy being a cultural ambassador and bringing fun and cultural pride into the homes of our people.  It's a magical mission that is now easier than ever. 

Chicqueta Britton-Nutt – EE Consultant



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