Unknown Soldier (Female)

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Unknown Soldier (Female) by Edwin Lester

The Perspective : Soldiers for freedom. Unknown to many but never forgotten.

Through” Unknown Soldiers” we labored for the promise of freedom. The names on her back are a tribute to those who fought for freedom.  As we carry an unfamiliar weight on her hips, our arms support an un-promised future in a land unknown to us.  Verbally, visibly, and publicly expressed racial labeling remain unchecked and under challenged.  Many continue to wear the cold nested steel... self-enslaving oneself despite the attachment to nothing.

Every self-applied twist of the fabric of freedom keeps us contained in the blood-stained blues we have endured throughout our faded puzzled past.  Every individual born from our rich heritage is responsible to recover and preserve our God given place among mankind.  You may remain unknown to many but remembered by most.

  • Blood squeezing from the flag was shed in the many wars we fought for this country for its' freedom.

  • A rusted collar and broken chain link represent a mindset of self-enslavement.

  • A branded stamp of a modern-day slavery S.S.N.

  • A branded year, the 1866 civil rights law.

  • The flag on her hip represents our nation built on the backs of our labor.

  • The baby represents built on our backs. literally.

  • The missing puzzle pieces represent our history, unknown to many.

Names on the piece

  • Mary, mother of Christ

  • Queen Esther

  • Mbande Nzinga

  • Rebecca Lore

  • Harriet Tubman

  • Mary Bethune

  • Sojourner Truth

  • Rosa Parks

  • Charlotte Forten

  • Clara Brown

  • Mary Terrell

  • Ida Barnett Wells 


  • 1000 in the Edition

  • Size:  22 x 26