Seven Important Links that You'll Need to Get Started In EE 2.0

(1)  Link to Launching My Business guide.


(2)  Link to sign up as an EE 2.0 consultant is on right side of your sponsor's web page.  To register, go to their page, click on Join My Team and follow the prompts.


(3)  Link to login to your Consultant Dashboard after signing up as a consultant.


(4)  Link to special web page about hosting an online Zoom party.  You'll want to text this to prospective hostesses, then call them with some choices of dates that you'd like them to do a show for you. 


(5)  Link to Host Coaching Texts, Reminder/Teaser TextsWho Do I Know Form, as well as the Presentation CardsNarratives that you'll need for your first show and EE Logos

(When you get to the page, just click DOWNLOAD for each file.)


(6)  Link to "How to Have a Successful Zoom Party" Brochure (PDF file)


(7)  Link to Income Opportunity web page.  (This page is for people interested in EE as a business, or for extra income.)