Are You a Dreamweaver?

Dream Weaver, by Frank Morrison, is a testament to his creativity. and artistic vision. This vibrant, limited edition (850 pieces) is likely to strike a cord with quilters and seamstresses. Since many quilts tell the story of our heritage, it can also speak to anyone of African-American heritage.  

But there is a deeper message in this piece for all of us.  We live in a global economy where the economies of countries around the world are all interconnected like a game of dominoes.  Havoc halfway around the world can cause havoc here.  Large corporations routinely ship jobs overseas with no concern for the working or middle class. Opportunities for young people are not what they once were.  

In such an environment, as one fights for survival, it can be really difficult to hold on to our dreams.  Like the old Marvin Gaye song, it can make us want to holler.  And, too often, we end up giving "The System", or "The Man", or "they", way too much power over our lives.  

This picture shares the vital message that we hold the power to live our dreams in our own hands.

Notice how the woman in Dream Weaver is holding the needle.  She’s showing us that we have an innate power to literally weave our own dreams, and thus control our destinies.

But quilting is work.  Hard work.  A quilt is just a stack of material until someone takes the time to sew it together, stitch by stitch, block by block.  It takes a vision of what you want to do.  It takes work.  And, above all, it takes patience.  You've got to see the project through until it's done.

So it is with dreams.  A dream is just a fantasy until we take the time to nurture it and work to make it a reality.  We can't just stand in the shower and wish for a better life. Ultimately, we have to get out of the shower, dry off and start working on our dream... one stitch at a time... one step at a time.  And, we've got to patient.  Rome wasn't built in a day. Nor will our dream be.

If if we keep at it day after day, month after month and year after year... like the Dreamweaver, we will eventually create a beautiful, fulfilling life.

So what's your dream?  What kind of life are you trying to weave?

Whatever is is... just keep on stitching and you'll get there.

See ya at the top!